Look Simply Delectable in NEW Fatima

Look Simply Delectable in NEW Fatima

Paying homage to our delicious local treats, we decided to release 4 new dessert inspired colours in our Fatima collection. You will look simply delectable in these sweet pastel shades. The cut of Fatima is minimal and loose, making it the go-to outfit for you to wear as you re-emerge into the social scene now that restrictions have been lifted. The flowy silhouette and laced sleeves will keep you looking immaculate and confident as you go about your day.


*Fatima Bingka Ubi*

Fatima Bingka Ubi is a creamy yellow shade that will entice your fashion palate. As springy as the Bingka Ubi that inspires it, this colour will pep up your day with its cheerful aura. Wear Bingka Ubi while out with your boo or perhaps for an afternoon tea session with a friend or two.


*Fatima Seri Muka*

A crowd favourite, the Fatima Seri Muka is regal and glamorous. Gentle as the fragrant pandan leaf that provides colour to the Seri Muka, this hue is steeped in richness, staying true to the character of the kueh that gives it its name.


*Fatima Kuih Lapis Merah*

Appetizingly pretty, Fatima Kueh Lapis Merah showcases layers of fun. Take a tasty tea break in this bold colour, embrace your playful side and break down those barriers in the invigorating tone of Kueh Lapis Merah.


*Fatima Talam Keladi*

Don on the yummy Fatima Talam Keladi for that coffee date with a mate. Indulge in this scrumptious shade and satisfy your styling cravings with this fashionably fulfilling choice. In this look, you are simply top-to-toe taro-rific!

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