9 Lovely New Colours #Lubnaalebaran2021 Senorita Raya #perfect for Eid.

Senorita Raya (Lace)  is now available in 9 lovely NEW colours so you can find the perfect shade to wear for Ramadan. We are embracing the fun florals in our designs this year for a fresh makeover that will allow your style to fully bloom.
Powder Blue
Innocent and angelic, powder blue is a calming colour that would be ideal for days when you need to regain some purpose and balance while handling a
hectic schedule.
Royal Blue
Royal Blue is a powerful colour that allows you to harness your strength when you need to make an important decision or complete your tasks like a boss.
Tiffany Green
Tiffany Green is so serene. If you want an outfit to uplift your mood, put this colour on to help you stay focused and energized throughout your day.
Sandy Yellow
Keep your look lean and neutral with Sandy Yellow. Sometimes, a little restraint does go a long way. Allow your personality to shine through with this subtle hue.
Emerald Green; The jeweled tone of Emerald Green would flatter any skin tone. This wearable colour is also truly versatile as it would look great with both dark and light accessories.
Fuschia Pink; If you are the type who doesn't shy away from attention, Fuschia Pink is the right colour for you! Dare to stand out with this brilliant hue and tackle your day with confidence.
Moss Green; Pay homage to nature by adding the vibrant Moss Green colour in your wardrobe selection. Express your adventurous side in a shade that's inspired by lush forests and green landscapes.
Toffee; Be as sweet as Toffee in an understated colour that won't overwhelm your overall style. Stay composed and elegant in this shade by matching it with a handbag and shoes in neutral tones.
Silver Cloud
Make a bold statement with a Silver Cloud coloured abaya. For a more dramatic look, you can style it upwith silver jewellery and sparkly accessories.