Transform! Amp up your style with the sophisticated Hawa

Create a look of sophistication with our latest Hawa Abaya, Luxe Collection. Transform instantly with this open type abaya, wear it as a cardigan or button it up, no matter how you'll style it, Hawa's classy design ensures that you'll appear effortlessly polished and put-together in any setting. 

The batwing sleeves have a geometrical criss cross pattern, studded by black stones to add a luxuriant feel to your overall outfit.

The V-shape design of the abaya gives a flattering silhouette, flaring on the bottom to lengthen your legs so you will appear taller.You can also opt to buckle it up with a simple belt to accentuate your figure and keep the styling more contemporary.


Hawa is available in 3 elegant colours, Navy Blue, Brown and Emerald Green, pick your favourite or splurge and get all three!