4 exciting new Aisya colours to brighten up your wardrobe!

Enjoy the Aisya Abaya 1.0 in four exciting new colours that you can now add to your collection. Pick the right hue to go with how you're feeling that day. Skyblue for calmness, Light Nude for a sense of clarity, Baby Pink to lift up your spirits and Misty Jade to keep you energized.

Baby Blue : Inspired by sunny blue skies, the soft Skyblue is a great choice for a summer outfit. Embrace the warm weather with this easy breezy design.

Light Nude; Choose the neutral Light Nude to stay chic in any setting. This is your style go-to choice if you want a colour that can work both day and night.

Baby Pink ; Feminine and playful, dress up in Baby Pink for that fun lunch date with your best friends. This flirty colour will brighten your mood any day of the week.

Misty Jade; Keep your look fresh this season with Misty Jade. Take a page from nature and flaunt your style in this gorgeous green shade