Hail to the Queen. She is regal. Her soul is royalty. Announcing the arrival of the Majesty.

Majesty is a modern abaya that has a flattering straight-cut to help elongate your body to appear taller and slimmer, making it suitable for all sizes.

Open type abaya with a button underneath to provide you with comfort and ease when you put it on.

Luxurious bejewelled crystals are hand sewn by artisans across the front and back of the abaya, lending it an expensive and customised quality that makes this a premium purchase for your wardrobe.

Crafted from the cooling Nidha fabric, the Majesty is an abaya that will keep you feeling light and airy throughout the day.

The Majesty Abaya takes the throne when it comes to delivering abundant luxury with an understated design that speaks volumes. There is simplicity in Majesty. Abstract lines consisting of jeweled embellishments intertwine and run through the front of the abaya for a look that is minimal yet memorable.

Emerald Green
Step out like a queen in the jewel tones of Emerald Green. This sophisticated shade signifies affluence and nobility to transform your style so you can look luxurious and rich for any occasion.

Dark and mysterious Meteorite is the ideal choice when you want to appear posh and immaculate. Silver embellishments add an extravagant twist to this classically elegant design.