NEW SARA abaya

These days, it can be easy to become lost, amidst the chaos, the uncertainties, the stress and the responsibilities that seem to engulf our lives. It is overwhelming but we need to remember that we can always turn to our Creator for guidance and help. Take a breather, spend a moment to be grateful, strengthen your faith and surrender to a higher power.

 "A favour from Us. Thus do We reward he who is grateful." - Surah Al-Qamar.

For our latest collection, we were inspired by the unwavering faith of Sara, Prophet Ibrahim's wife who continued to put her trust in the Almighty through many challenges. Sara is a bold and feminine design, crafted in our signature loose silhouette, beautified with delicate floral lace on the sleeves and bottom hem of the abaya. A matching shawl echoes the same floral feel to produce a look that is both strong and refined.