#RaikanCinta LATEEFA in Exclusive Luxe & Chic Edition.

#RaikanCinta LATEEFA in Exclusive Luxe & Chic Edition.

We are continuing our "Raikan Cinta" campaign with new exclusive collections; LATEEFA. The gentle allure of our Lateefa designs emanate softness with the addition of fresh floral lace and gem-like stones that exude a lavish and extravagant feel. Our latest offerings display even more options and an abundance of colours that celebrates love and romance. A rainbow of pastel shades are prime for your picking, as suitable outfits for those special occasions marked in your calendar.

Lateefa LUXE features intricate lace with garlands of flowers and filigrees that are embellished with glittering beads that sparkle and shimmer as they come in contact with light. The hand sewn beaded lacework on the sleeves and the bottom hem of the abaya is exquisitely made to create a refined and serene quality that is pure luxury.


This is a bridal outfit that befits a queen. The top quality stitching and premium lace adornments are resplendent with abundant detailing and elaborate motifs making this the dream abaya for your marriage ceremony. The understated styling of this elegant design is a match made in heaven for brides preferring a more modest and contemporary wedding look.


Lateefa CHIC has a subdued and classic design that would be ideal for the mother of the bride or maid of honour. It has a more simplified look that still delivers an impactful effect that will stun anyone that sets their eyes on you. Lace trimmings embellished with sparkling beadwork are expertly crafted and placed on the sleeves of the abaya, adding regalness and grace, flattering you in all the right places.

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