Celebrate Love with MIHRAB CINTA

Celebrate Love with MIHRAB CINTA

Love does conquer all. Even in our darkest hour, it is the strength of love that fires up our life and keep us going.

Abayalubnaa’s first bridal collection, Mihrab Cinta celebrates eternal love in 5 beautiful designs that will make you feel like a queen on your wedding day.

Although celebrations are kept much more low-key and subdued this year, you can still commemorate your special day by looking your best with Mihrab Cinta.

Choose from the five designs available and you can reminisce fondly as you look through your wedding photos in a classically cut abaya that will stay fashionable through all the years.

Each piece is crafted in lightweight premium Nida fabric, lush and silky to help you keep your cool and stay immaculate, even when dealing with wedding day jitters.


DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind that all the images are captured in a photography studio with controlled lights from all angle. All the colours adjusted to the most similar possible. The colours might vary from each computer settings / your mobile setting