About Us

Farfalla Hijab has been established as a hijab brand in Malaysia. Our Mission is to set trends in modest fashion, featuring exquisite quality, style and authenticity in our designs.
We offers BEAUTIFUL FUNCTIONALITY, ESSENTIAL ands INNOVATIVE DESIGNS for real women to express and echo their true self.
Farfalla Hijab strives to reinvent the image of the hijab, transforming it as FUTURE HIJAB ESSENTIALS; designed with passion, precision and in pursuit of a simplified hassle free modern modest.
“Celebrate Modern modest” is the brand’s tagline, and we in Farfalla reimagine everyday hijab using innovative materials and contemporary silhouettes.
Constantly evolving and expanding, Farfalla Hijab is a brand that epitomise passion, creativity, inspiration, commitment, responsibility and integrity.
you can visit our Instagram @farfallahijabofficial or you can visit our official website at www. FARFALLAMODE. com