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Natalia Abaya in Rosewood

Natalia Abaya in Rosewood

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Natalia is our latest bridal design that is perfect for brides who want an understated yet formal look on their special day. Incorporating the peek-a-boo style, Natalia features lace panels on the bottom and sleeves. Intricately detailed poppies and lush leaves furnished with sparkly stones add a luxury feel to the abaya, instantly transforming any bride into a Queen. 

As the lace panels are transparent, you can wear an undergarment that will match your wedding colour theme to create visuals that are consistent and cohesive throughout your ceremony.
Natalia exemplifies contemporary bridal wear that embraces individuality, ensuring that you have a unique look to celebrate your union. Choose a look that breaks away from tradition. Make a lasting impression in your wedding snapshots with our beautiful Natalia abaya.



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